Knit2Lead is a network of women of all ages, professions, and backgrounds.

At Knit2Lead we empower women in two main areas of focus:



Creating. Through a series of workshops, our members learn how to design and cut patterns, how to use sewing machines, how to work with different materials, and various other tips and techniques of the craft. We teach women how to convert ideas into reality – how to design and make clothing on their own. No previous experience is necessary!

However, the clothes we made at Knit2Lead are no ordinary clothes.

Instead of fabrics we use as raw materials linen, forgotten in our closets and drawers with no practical utility.

We are here to show you, no matter how absurd it may sound, that your old curtains, sheets, any fabric in your home can be processed and transformed into beautiful clothes that no one would ever believe or even suspect the material they are made from.

This is the challenge of Knit2Lead!

Moving to the second phase of our work, the selling of products, from the one hand we will have covered the basic need of every woman, the feeling of being unique, as these clothes will be made once and due to lack of the same material can not be remade.

Secondly, the woman herself will not spend any money on those clothes while simultaneously has used materials that previously simply caught the closet space.

In the second stage, through the network of Knit2Lead you may sell the clothes you made through our E-shop, get in touch with other women from all over Greece and share with them helpful tips, ideas and expertise.

What do you have to lose?

Respond to the Knit2Lead challenge now and discover another part of yourself!